Peace Palette

For children in Turalei, South Sudan, the primary concern is simply finding clean drinking water, enough food to eat and somewhere to sleep.

Itโ€™s with this realisation in mind, that I have committed to making life a little brighter for the children of Turalei by donating 5% of every Wedding booking to Peace Palette.

Peace Palette is working with people in Turalei, South Sudan, to find ways of dealing with the aftermath of Sudanโ€™s civil war.

Peace Palette was initiated by David Nuyoul Vincent - himself a survivor of the Sudan civil war and now an Australian resident. David now works alongside local and national authorities to provide a centre for homeless children in Turalei. David is an incredibly inspirational man and I am honoured to be able to assist him with his projects in Turalei, Sudan.

The proceeds will help support the Nhomlau Childrenโ€™s Centre in Turalei, South Sudan (Nhomlau means freedom).  The centre is being built to support 100 homeless children aged between five and fifteen years.  Over half of the children donโ€™t have parents and the others have families that are too poor to provide for them. The Centre aims to be a safe nurturing place that provides clean water, one meal a day and positive social activities such as sport.

I am looking forward to supporting Peace Palette into the future and excited that everyone I photograph can play a role in this too.

For more information on Peace Palette or to make a donation visit the Peace Palette webpage and read more about David's own story

(These photographs are a selection of images provided by Peace Palette taken in South Sudan and moments I captured from Peace Palettes' Fundraiser at the Fitzroy Town Hall.)