The first day I launched my business it was vital for me to have my values ingrained in what I do. I will always welcome people of any age, gender, sexual identity, and cultural background. Our world is made beautiful by diversity, the more we can embrace it the better.

I also wish to acknowledge the current Elders in my local community and thank them for being able to follow my dreams on the tribal lands of the Bratauolong people. I pay my respects to their Elders both past and present and look forward to potential collaborations with the wider community. My studio is not just for me, I hope it will grow into much bigger things.”

Some recent clients...

A little of my journey...

When I was a somewhat reclusive teenager, a twenty six year old Nikon FG20 became my close friend.  It followed me most places slung on my side ready to be my tool for capturing moments that were important to me.  Those first years of finishing High School bring such happy memories and fill multiple albums on my book shelf and boxes of negatives. 

My documentary style was cemented in those early days, being immersed in subjects rather than posing them.  Perhaps that was motivated by shyness but I like to think it was also an observational eye ;)

So why do I do this?

My aim in photography is to capture life. I want my images to represent people’s stories, experiences, and views in a way that brings meaning to the everyday and value to every life. I have big dreams to marry my roles of Social Worker and Photographer to play a role in exploring who we are as people and ultimately using photography as an agent for social change and healing.   This is just the beginning of my ambitious journey that I would love anyone to be a part of.

I am always interested in working with community and non-profit organisations. Six years as a Social worker with refugees enriched my life immensely and I would love these connections to continue in order to story tell and advocate through Photography.   

Dream One

I have recently finished renovating part of a 100+ year old building to create my studio.  It is a beautiful light filled space full of character, that lends itself to inspiring my creative side. I think it's a pretty cool place to hang out too! My studio is in Warragul, West Gippsland Victoria, but I have a love of travelling, so do not think of distance as a barrier, rather an exciting proposition!  

All of me

All my moments without my camera are filled with my two little soul mates.  They are my little champions and are the fuel that sparks me in all that I do. Life is certainly always busy as a single Mum running a business, but I am in love with what I do and the journey that I am on x


I always prefer in person or at least voice conversation to please reach out to get interactions kick started.

Me doing my best aeroplane impersonation.  No, honestly it's me just playing around in my Grandparents paddock. The wildness of 'home'. Photo credit: Cathy Ronalds

Me doing my best aeroplane impersonation.  No, honestly it's me just playing around in my Grandparents paddock. The wildness of 'home'. Photo credit: Cathy Ronalds