Melbourne and Gippsland Wedding Photography Moments

It is the intimacy between people, the gestures and emotional connections I look for as to me, these are the purest forms of humanity and the ones that make your story unique. Details matter.

You can check out my Wedding Blog for a whole bunch of candid photographs showcasing Weddings held across Victoria. From DIY Weddings, outdoor bush Weddings, Windy beach Weddings, and Wineries to large Weddings, intimate Weddings, unions between Husband & Wife and unions between wife & wife.    Each Wedding I have been a part of tells it's own story of love and is different from the previous. I ADORE this about Wedding celebrations...each a brand new breath of life, love and possibilities.

If you would like some information on Wedding photography packages please drop me a line and I can send an Information Pack your way or meet for a chat over whatever beverage takes your fancy. Learning about you as a Couple and the people that are important in your life beforehand helps me build a stronger picture of your life journey together and how this fuses into the celebrations on your wedding day.

The town I call home for now is Garfield in Gippsland but I seem to spend a lot of time in my car travelling to Weddings all across Victoria! So whether you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Warragul, Warnambool or Wodonga I am always happy to travel.