Christmas Portraits...because it's about NOT looking your best


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Are you ready for Christmas?

Nope? Me neither. I get it, we're all tired as the year nears the end, so I figure lets have some fun! Let's forgo trying to look good and just have a laugh. 

Put aside work deadlines, shopping lists and your full social calendar because getting that perfect photo for your Christmas cards is the number one arguments.

At my Studio you will find a styled set ready for you to jump in and pose with your worst sweater. You can bring your own Christmas sweater or borrow one from my selection for your ultimate snap. It's fun, quirky, quick and will beat any Hallmark card you can find.

Trust me, this photo will be a keeper! 

Simply follow the steps below to book in your time or get in touch with any questions. Please note this time of year is flat out for me (Wedding Season) so please try and manage your booking online and only reach out if it's urgent. I'd hate to turn all Scrooge on you because I'm overworked, tired and moody ;)